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Does my mobile require anti-virus software?

Today’s blog topic may be something you have never even considered or realised exists.  So lets explore why it’s required and the benefits for your business.  It is important to remember that we now use our mobiles like laptops and computers to access and browse the internet and this means they are vulnerable and exposed to the same threats as our laptops and computers.  Like with your PC or laptop you should always keep your mobile software up to date and try not to delay installing a new update.

There are two main type of mobile OS: Android and Apple iOS.  The Apple iOS is more locked down in comparison to Android and all apps are subject to security checks prior to being released through the app store.  Now this does not mean that Android is without its own security features from Google, however, with Android devices it is recommended that an additional anti-virus software package is installed on your Android mobile device.

The mobile anti-virus software will scan your device regularly and alert you to any potential security threats and help remove these threats.  One of the key features which are important to make sure your mobile anti-virus software has is remote wipe.  This means that if a mobile device has been lost or stolen you can wipe all data on the phone and the memory card.  This way, even if the device is lost/stolen the data on the device can’t also be used to the criminals advantage.  This means you are protecting your data and the data of your clients and complying with GDPR.

Mobile anti-virus software allows you to continue your business security protection beyond the walls of your office and when unfortunately the device has left the hands of your employees.  But this is not a free ticket to let your  guard down, it is important that you are still vigilant for phishing emails, unknown senders and attachments and dodgey websites with the anti-virus software being the icing on the cake of your security mindset.

If you are interested in implementing a mobile anti-virus package across your devices please just get in touch with the team here at MJD.