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What Terra monitors do we recommend and why are their warranties so good?

We have a few monitors that we recommend from the Terra range, one of which we always have in stock as it’s such a popular monitor.  Let’s have a look at them in turn, starting with our stock monitor of choice.  The 2448W.

This is a fantastic standard 24” monitor and is very popular with our clients.  We are constantly replacing our stock of these each month, they are reasonably priced with the fantastic Terra warranty making them a great and reliable choice for your business setup.  They work well on their own or in a multiple monitor setup.

The next monitor is for those that like something more high end and want an immersive experience with the curved 3280W.

This has a bigger curved screen and makes for an impressive multiple monitor desk setup.  This also comes with the same fantastic Terra warranty and would not disappoint.  If you are interested, but unsure what you’d think of the curved screen this model will be on our stand as well, so come along and test it out!

Our next choice is technically more than just a monitor, as it is a PC as well.  It is the Terra 2705 All In One.  This is a great choice if you want to minimise devices taking up space on a desk or you want to keep the setup simple, for example in a front of house setup where clients regularly are.

This AIO has a great spec, with an i5 processor and a large amount of RAM at 16GB and with a generous 1TB of SSD to store your data this is a fantastic option if an AIO is what you need.  This will also be on the stand, so pop down and see what you think!

So what about these warranties?  The Terra monitors that we recommend all come with a fantastic on-site exchange warranty.  This means you are never without a monitor or waiting for a repair to be completed for your monitor to come back.  You keep using your monitor until the replacement comes through, and then you swap them out and your monitor heads back to Terra to be troubleshooted & repaired.

How does it work in practice?  If you notice an issue with your Terra monitor, get in touch with the team at MJD.  We raise it with Terra and discuss the issue and if it isn’t something we can resolve ourselves, Terra send out a replacement which we can send direct to site for you to swap out.  You then let us know that you’ve swapped the monitors and we arrange a collection with Terra and they take away the faulty monitor.  And it’s as easy as that, it keeps you working with minimal downtime for the length of your warranty.  However, we have to point out that during our time partnering with Terra we could count on one hand the instances where a monitor has required to be sent back under warranty, which is why we continue to keep these in stock and recommend them to our customers.