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How can I increase my Cyber Security through employee training?

The human factor is a large part of your business’ cyber security protection.  Spam filters, anti-virus, anti-malware, firewalls etc can only do so much to protect us and our businesses.  85% of breaches have a human element involved!  This means we need to continually invest in training and awareness of our employees.

If there was a piece of technology or a way to ensure that people never clicked on the link or opened the attachment of a suspicious email, whoever invented it would become a billionaire overnight.  However, as such a piece of kit does not exist, we need to think about training the human element to spot such emails and potential attacks.  One training course is also not going to be enough to make a difference, continuous training is required to keep the learning fresh and current.  The forgetting curve shows that in just as little as 20 mins, we already have forgotten 40% of what we learnt.  The same study that developed the forgetting curve learnt that repetition in learning over a period of time increases the percentage of knowledge retained.

This highlights that with something as important as your cyber security it really is a necessary component of your protection that you enrol your employees in continuous security awareness training.  Here at MJD, we partner with KnowBe4 to provide our clients with continuous training through the form of fake spam and phishing emails and schedule training videos that are sent out to all employees at a company enrolled in the training scheme.  This also allows for analysis of users response times to the fake emails and how they interact with them, allowing the training to be tailored to each user.

If you are interested in starting a cyber security training programme for your employees, get in touch with the team here at MJD!