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How do I know what spec of laptop I need?

There are a few key questions to answer to determine what spec of laptop you need to look after.  Let’s break them down below:

  1. How portable do you want it to be?
  2. How much of my work will be carried out on it?
  3. What type of work will I carry out on it?

The first question will determine the size of screen you choose and therefore it may also impact the level of specification available to you.  The smaller the laptop, the smaller the space of the components which means the cost can be higher to get the same level of spec in a smaller laptop than a larger laptop.  However, Terra’s 1460Q is a fantastic example of a lightweight portable laptop with a great standard office spec.  The design of the chassis is aesthetically pleasing so makes it a great laptop to complete your professional image when out at meetings with clients.

Whereas, if you are not as worried about the size for carrying the laptop around, but need a larger screen where visuals are important while on the go, you may prefer the Terra 1716T which has a 17” screen with a similar great standard office spec.

Question two revolves around deciding the level of specification required.  If you are only working on the laptop while out at meetings or events and it’s just for note taking, access to emails and light office work, you may not need a high spec and a lower spec would be more cost efficient but combined with good use of a cloud storage like MS365 to allow access to files seamlessly between your laptop and your PC at the office.  Whereas, if you want to use this as your sole device and have a docking station at your desk to make it easier to pick up and go to site or meetings, you will want to invest in the correct spec for the work you do.

Which leads nicely into our third question, the type of work you will be doing on the laptop.  Our previous two recommendations are great laptops for general office work like use of Microsoft Office and cloud based software apps.  However, if you are looking to do more technical work on a laptop you may need more RAM, a higher processor and a graphics card to cope with the work.  This is where the Terra 1778R comes into play.

This blog isn’t intend to answer the question of what laptop is suitable for your individual circumstances, as there are so many variables there is no substitute for individualised advice from our team at MJD.  What we want to give you is a framework to help you work through and understand what you require to help you understand and take part in the discussion with the team to get the right device for your requirements.

A selection of Terra devices will be on show at the Moray Business Showcase, so why not take your answers to the above along and discuss your requirements with the MJD and Terra team on the day!