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How does Rudolph stay GDPR compliant when sending his Christmas email?

Rudolph will be preparing his usual Christmas email to be sent to all the hardworking elves and Santa’s suppliers to wish them a Merry Christmas from his fellow reindeers and Mr & Mrs Claus.  But what does he need to consider from GDPR while sending his email?  The team at MJD wanted to give Rudolph some guidance and advice to keep everyone’s data safe.

Rudolph can still send a Christmas email to all his intended recipients; he just needs to consider the content in his email.  If he wants to include direct marketing and the emails are sent to individuals, then he would need to ensure he has the individuals’ consent to receive this type of communication.  However, if he just wants to wish everyone Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year without any marketing included this will be fine.

Another important email feature that Rudolph should make use of is the Bcc box.  This will mean that he doesn’t give anyone’s data or contact information to anyone else in the email.  It is a very simple function, but a very important one for a Christmas Wishes email.  This advice should allow Rudolph to send a successful Christmas message for Santa and the other reindeer.  If you have any other questions around GDPR and cyber security, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team here at MJD.