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How do the elves prepare their out of office message for the 26th?

As we get nearer to the 26th of December, the elves will need to setup their out of office message ready for when they finish helping Santa on Christmas day!  The team here at MJD want to give them some advice and a how to video on setting this up in Microsoft Outlook.  We have previously highlighted Microsoft’s Online training library for Office products in this blog here.  But we’d like to direct the elves to this video from Microsoft which will take them through how to setup their out of office and the various settings they can change.

Microsoft Training Video – Out of Office

In terms of the content in their out of office, we’d encourage them to think about including only the information that is necessary and using the different messages for internal and external emails.  We went into more detail in our previous blog on out of office replies which the elves can read hereThey should try to limit the amount of detail in the external out of office to ensure that possible scammers can’t glean more information about their situation or company to be able to devise a social engineering hack.  One of our blogs from 2020 discussed social engineering and we included a video to show you the ease with which social engineers can hack into your personal accounts with just a few of your personal details, which you can read and watch again here.

 If you have any questions on out of office replies or cyber security in general please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team here at MJD.