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Why should I get cyber security accreditation?

As a Cyber Essentials accreditation body here at MJD, we always highly recommend our clients go through the process of Cyber Essentials and always encourage clients to take the next step in their security journey to Cyber Essentials Plus as well.  But, we often get asked why they should take these steps to become accredited, so today let’s explain our reasoning behind the recommendations of becoming a Cyber Essentials accredited company.

The process of achieving Cyber Essentials accreditation should be viewed as a method of checking your current work practices and identifying areas that need improvement to achieve the accreditation.  The process of becoming accredited acts as your checklist to ensure and know that your company is hitting a certain level of cyber security protection for you and your clients.  It may identify areas that you didn’t even realise were related to cyber security.  In this sense it is a valuable exercise to go through to help identify and then resolve weaknesses in your security.  This is then used every year when you reassess to know that you are still working to the same standard.

Through becoming accredited you have a standardised level that any client can recognise and immediately understand how secure your setup is.  It can greatly help when tendering for bids with potential clients as you can answer any cyber security questions with your accreditation rather than trying to explain and demonstrate the policies and technology you have in place.

Another benefit of the Cyber Essentials accreditation is that it comes with Cyber Insurance which is an added benefit, aside from all that we’ve discussed above.  We believe at MJD that this is an investment in your business that will not only benefit you now but in the future as well.  The peace of mind that going through this process will also generate is a benefit that has no monetary value but will put to rest some of the worry that comes with the threats out in the cyber world.

If you have any questions about this process or are interested in getting started on your Cyber Essentials journey please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Team here at MJD.