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Work From Home Diaries – Flora and Skye

Hello Hoomans!  Flora and Skye here.

We’ve decided to take over the blog for a week, show the hoomans how it’s done!  And to let you know how us two are dealing with the work from home situation.  For us, it has been a rather fantastic change of office environment.  We have all our own beds, as well as access to our hoomans beds and sofas for power naps to refresh the creative brain waves.  No more commutes, we can just trot through to our work beds to have our morning teams chat together to decide the plans for day.

Our daily Teams calls include discussions on the cutest poses for photos for optimal treat earnings, how best to get the hoomans attention in a video call to get our air time in the meeting and what the local gossip is from our morning walkies.  Got to keep up with the goings on even though we don’t see each other in the office anymore!  We might then remember to have a think about some barketing work we might be able to help with and discuss tactical motivational snuggles with the hoomans.

Deliveries are still sniff checked to ensure no intruders are present in the boxes, can never be too sure.  And we alert the hoomans to any door bells.  Then, it’s usually time for a quick power nap before any calls with our suppliers in the afternoon…Oops, is it now lunchtime, oh well time for a chew treat!

After a leisurely lunch and wee trip outside for a sniff about our gardens and stretch the legs its time to settle in for video calls with the suppliers and discuss the current quality of our dog treats…Oh, wait I mean computer hardware! We then dictate our fantastic barketing ideas to the hoomans who type them up and make them into the social media posts and blog entries for us, typing and working a mouse with a paw is frustrating.  Why do it yourself when you can have a hooman do it for you?

It’s then time for an afternoon snooze and then it’s almost the end of the working day and time to crack the whip to make sure our hoomans get all the work finished with plenty time to go on evening walkies!  Walkies are so much fun and so much sniffing work to do, but we also need to make sure our hoomans get fresh air and exercise outside the house right now, it’s an important and tiring job but someone’s got to do it!

To finish off our entry, myself and Skye would like to announce my promotion to Chief Barketing Officer and Skye has taken the position of Barketing Co-Ordinator so I can continue to show her the ropes and lead her to pawtastic success with our hoomans here at MJD!  Time to negotiate a treat raise for today’s work on this blog post and then time for our power nap!  Catch you next time folks!