So you’ve made the arrangements to come along to the Moray Business Showcase on June 7th at the Moray Sports Centre and you want to stop by and speak with the team here at MJD and Terra.  But how do you ensure that the trip out of the office to speak with us is worth your while?  Here’s our guide on what information to have to hand and what topics to consider to be able to discuss your IT requirements with us on the day.

A good place to start, especially if you are not already a client of ours or don’t have an IT support provider is to read our blog on what to consider when choosing your MSP here.  This covers questions to consider on knowledge, products and services and contract options in a MSPs offering to you.  You then may want to know more about how a per device contract works which you can read about here.  This will allow you to discuss with us what we offer in our per devices on the day and how this might suit your business circumstances.

If you are already a client of ours, or equally a prospective client as well, you may be targeting getting to see the Terra demo hardware on show to see what might augment your current setup to help develop your businesses IT.  We will have laptops, tablets, monitors, AIO and PCs so there will be something to cater any requirements you have in the pipeline.  To help you make the most of the demos, you can read our laptop blog here or our monitor blog here.  We also have a blog on our working from home recommendations here and how to decide between a laptop and PC here.

Regardless if you are a client or ours or not, you may be considering the ever growing threat of cyber attacks to your business.  Where to start can seem a daunting thought, but have a read of our where to start on your cyber security blog here and take along your questions for our Cyber Security Specialist, Craig Lambourne.  He will be there on the day at our stand and also running a workshop alongside Mark Dunscombe on Cyber Security and IT which you can sign up for FREE here.

Even if you don’t have time to read any of our recommendations above, please just come and say hello.  We are always happy to chat and help start you down the right path with your IT and Cyber Security requirements.  Let’s make IT work for YOU.

This week we want to highlight the two positions we are on the search for new members to join our team here at MJD.  We are looking for an Apprentice IT Engineer and a Dispatcher.  Let’s dive into a bit more detail about these positions.

Apprentice IT Engineer

As an IT Support Apprentice, you will work alongside a team of IT professionals who will support you with developing your IT skills and knowledge and becoming proficient in the following tasks:

Being the first point of contact for customers with technical issues by phone and email

Providing an effective remote support service for customers

Resolving a range of technical issues and incidents

Delivering excellent customer service at all times.

As your confidence and knowledge grows, you will have the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities and to undertake a Modern Apprenticeship in IT.

No prior skills or experience required to apply although an appreciation of IT and familiarity with the use of IT may be an advantage

Support will be provided by a training “Buddy” from MJD whom will be an experienced engineer who has also been through the apprenticeship program with MJD Systems and any necessary other support required will also be available.

The training provider QA Training will also provide support through their organisational support structures.


Main Tasks/Responsibilities:

  • Act as a communication point for urgent and non-urgent calls – receive requests, record information and transmit messages as required.
  • Client Management – liaising with clients to help achieve their IT goals and support their business operations through scheduling of jobs
  • Managing the engineers calendars, liaising with engineers throughout the day to ensure the schedule jobs can be completed and making adjustments where required
  • Using ConnectWise PSA tool to manage tickets and schedule, training will be provided on ConnectWise software
  • Prioritise tickets according to urgency and importance to support day to day operations of MJD Systems for our clients
  • Relay information provided by other engineers for travel disruptions or delays to help with management of all engineers calendars

Requirements and Skills

  • Computer literate and willing to learn new IT software and systems
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office package including Teams
  • Organisation and multitasking abilities
  • Confident Communication Skills including telephone and email
  • Good Time Management
  • Attention to detail

To find out more about what its like to work at MJD, have a look at our blog post from last year here.

If you think this would be perfect for you, please get in touch with your CV and Covering Letter to or if you know someone please share this with them.

We can’t wait to welcome our new members to the team here at MJD!

Working at MJD over the summer has provided me with many important skills for my future. I originally had worked with MJD Systems when I was still in High School, as arranged work experience. Since leaving school I’ve been studying a master’s degree in Computing Science at Robert Gordon University and have just finished my second year. It was great to come back home over the summer and work with a company that aligns very closely to my interests and future!

Working as a Trainee Engineer, I was often hands on fixing computers and setting up other IT Equipment. This greatly helped me to expand my knowledge of the world of computers as I only really had experience with coding and software development.

I also worked on setting up a new chat system to allow clients to send our engineers messages about their issues and make tickets and oversaw the implementation of this new feature. It was very interesting to work on this project for MJD Systems and to see it take shape.

Having not worked full-time before, working with MJD taught me a good work ethic and allowed me to be productive with my free time over the summer. It was really useful having an IT company so nearby in Moray, and most days I would cycle over for work!

After working with MJD I feel a lot more confident in many different areas in computing, from hardware repairs to customer support. It also helped to teach me problem solving skills and prepared me for the world of work.

It was great to work alongside the team at MJD, and I am very grateful for the valuable work and experience they have provided me with in my time working with them. I’m excited for the future and for when I can work with MJD Systems again!


Written by Oliver Souter

Are you considering getting IT support for your business?  It can be difficult to carry out the research and determine who would work best for your business with so many sources of information to consider online.  So this week we want to give you 4 key areas to focus your research and questions on for your short list of IT support providers.  Let’s look at each area in turn.


Do they have experience in the IT industry?  This is an important question to determine the reliability of the IT support you will receive.  If they have good experience in the IT support industry, they will be better equipped to provide you with reliable and timely response to IT issues.

Do they have experience with your industry?  How can they demonstrate this experience to you?  Do they have references and recommendations?  It is important that your IT support provider has experience in any software packages you use as a critical part of your business, and if they have current or previous experience of working with companies in your industry this can help with resolving specific issues that arise with your software packages.  Without this knowledge, it could increase the time taken to troubleshoot such issues.


Does the company and their engineers have the current qualifications that you would expect or desire from an IT support provider?  Ask if they regularly invest in their engineers training and that they have the required qualifications to ensure they can provide the services that you need.  Ask about the skills available with their organisation to get an understanding of the breadth and depth of the knowledge of the engineers that will be working on your IT.  Do they have the knowledge and expertise on all the services you require them to look after?  But sometimes it’s not just about the technology, what about your local area?  Are they aware of any challenges that make the area your business is based in unique? The team here at MJD certainly know that the North of Scotland has a variety of different challenges based on the rural and remote locations of some of our clients and this needs to be factored into their IT requirements to ensure that the solutions work for their circumstances.

Products and Services

What relationships do they have with the best IT services for things such as Cyber Security, anti-virus, remote management, back-up, Microsoft offerings etc?  Do they have dedicated account managers and partnerships with these services and tools that they will provide to you to help you run your business efficiently?  Once they provide this information, ask yourself if this is the standard of products and services you want or require for your business.

Contract Options

What support contracts do they offer and what are their response times for each offering?  You need to know going into any support contract what response time to expect for the service you are purchasing from them.  This will help you to both have a more successful and low stress relationship going forward, allowing for the chance at a very productive business using IT to your advantage.

If you want to ask MJD about any of these questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team here at MJD.  We’d be more than happy to help.


Mark, Jill, Craig, Ian, Gareth, Marko, Lawrence, Aidan, Natalie, Audrey, Flora, Skye & Jax


Our Office will close at midday on Friday 24th December and will re-open on Wednesday 5th January 2022

This year again we have decided not to send Christmas cards and we will donate the money to our nominated charity.

This week we asked everyone what their ultimate fantasy dress costume would be, so let us have some fun!  And our canine team have gone one step further and dressed up for the occasion! And we have a new addition to the MJD Canine Team, Jax!  Keep your eyes peeled for an update from the dogs in the near future to hear how Jax is settling into the team here at MJD.

Mark: A fire breathing dragon with real fire!

Craig: The Stig

Ian:  Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street

Gareth: Jason Vorhees from Friday the 13th

Marko: An actual Iron Man suit, complete with electronics and lights!

Natalie: Bellatrix Lestrange

Well hoomans, Flora here, since our last update the dastardly duo has become the three amigos!  Myself and Skye have welcomed Shadow into our canine team here at MJD.  Shadow has joined us in the roll of Petwork Security Analyst.  Please join us in a warm cyber welcome to Shadow!


The role of Petwork Security Analyst is an important role, Shadow helps his hooman secure computers and networks from security threats like phishing attacks, although why a fish who lives in the water would want to go anywhere near an electronic device beats us.  Shadow also sniffs out any potential intruders and points these out to his hooman to lock it down!

The work from home life is the one for us dogs, we’ve mastered the art of the video calls from our beds.  Although working a mouse or keyboard with our paws continues to be a rather tiresome task, which we just end up delegating to the hoomans.  We also like to make sure that during the MJD meetings that we make our presence known so that the hoomans don’t all forget who the real management are!


The lovely summer weather has allowed us some even more exciting activities at a weekend.  Skye has discovered swimming in the sea, much to my distaste, I am not so keen on jumping into the waves.  I prefer to paddle my paws.  Shadow loves to keep an eye on all the birds in the garden and on a walk and loves a cuddle with his hooman and mini-hoomans at the end of a hard day’s work!

Some of you may be wondering whether we managed to get our treat pay rise that we were negotiating in our last update, and after many puppy dog eyes to our hoomans we all secured an extra treat!  Woof!  Time to launch the next round of negotiations for more sleep time, Skye, Shadow on the count of three, puppy dog eyes! 1…2…3!



This week our blog is focused on our search for an IT Support Apprentice!  We’re looking for an enthusiastic and focused individual to join our team here at MJD.

As our IT Support Apprentice you will be working alongside a team of IT Professionals, two of which have previously undertaken Modern Apprenticeships, so we have good experience in providing a high quality and enjoyable apprenticeship and learning to help you grow your skills and confidence in the workplace.  You can see Marko and Gareth below when they were interviewed by DYW in 2017 for Scottish Apprenticeship week.

Some of your main roles and responsibilities will include: –

  • being the first point of contact for customers when reporting their technical issues by phone or email
  • providing an effective remote support service for customers
  • resolving a range of technical issues and incidents that our clients face
  • delivering excellent customer service at all times.

As our IT Support Apprentice you will get a variety of experience working with our team on remote troubleshooting sessions and in the workshop.  You will also get experience and knowledge of the many services and processes we carry out for our clients to ensure their IT continues to run smoothly.

At the end of last year, we produced a video for DYW with our advice and experiences of a career in IT, which may be beneficial to help you decide if this position is a good fit for you.

For further details and applications, you can either go to the position on Moray Pathways here or you can apply through our Facebook job advert.  We’re excited to hear from our applicants and to welcoming our new apprentice to the MJD Team.

Here at MJD, we have always strived to look for increased efficiencies and improvements that can be implemented to better the experience for our clients.  With everyone’s increasing awareness on their impact on the environment as you’ll probably be aware MJD started using electric vehicles almost 3 years ago.  We decided we’d take our environmental activities to the next step so let us take you through some interesting and thought-provoking ideas that you can incorporate into your IT usage to decrease your impact on the environment and how the way we operate helps reduce our clients IT environmental impact.

Have you ever considered the environmental impact of your email inbox?  That’s right, we mean your inbox where you receive your emails on a daily basis.  It is a common misconception that it is harmless to store every email and send a quick email, because it doesn’t take up physical space and is so easy to file away.   However, did you ever consider the energy used to send that email or to store that email in your file archive?

A recent BBC article (link below for further reading) explored this and reported that if every person in Britain simply sent one less thank you email we could save 16,433 tonnes of carbon a year!  The carbon footprint of an email, comes from the electricity used by all the devices required in the process of sending an email.  The server that sends the email, the server that receives the email, the router in your network, each PC receiving the email.

Now, each individual email has an extremely small impact, but this sparks the discussion of how our behaviour with our IT infrastructure can affect the environment.  It is the same for storing an email, this takes up space on your PC or server, and maybe also space on your back up device.  This means it’s one more file to store and back up, which if you combine this with everyone in your organisation, equates to more electricity used to store and back up the email, this can also save you money in the cost of your backups as they are often determined by storage requirements.

In the grand scheme of things, a reduction in the emails you send has a relatively small effect on the countries overall carbon emissions.  However, there are more impactful ways we as businesses can contribute to making a difference through extending the lifetime of our devices.  Here at MJD, we always strive to make sure our clients get the most out of the investment in their devices, however, sometimes it no longer becomes economically viable to repair a machine.  In this instance, we always offer device recycling and we work with a local charity, ReBoot who repurpose the PC for less intense situations or break down the equipment to their individual parts and repurpose what can be used and recycle what can’t.

We want to take this a step further and work with our clients to actively seek out opportunities earlier in the devices lifetime to help extend its life and therefore the need to purchase new equipment and recycle the old.  We will be getting in touch with our clients over the coming months to discuss with them potential areas for improvement now which would extend the life of the device to try and help our clients increase the return on investment of their devices further while also doing their part for protecting the environment. This in the long term will also save capital costs on renewing devices, the only exception would be where a device is inefficient and needs to be replaced.

Another option can be using refurbished devices, now stock and availability of certain types of devices and specification vary daily therefore, if this is an option you wish to explore with us, we will find out what our suppliers have available and offer you options at the time.  This is also a viable option and we can discuss how this would match your requirements both specification and environmental factors to see what options we can find for you.

In addition, at MJD we’ve always taken the approach with our vehicle fleet and site visits of scheduling with the view of combining site visits into geographical areas to maximise time and fuel efficiency.  This keeps the services we provide for our clients efficient and also helps us to reduce our impact on the environment.  We also have currently operated with two electric company cars for over 3 years and find that the range and useability of these cars more than fits our needs.  It has been our intention that when we require to replace one of the vans in our fleet we will be seriously considering an electric option, to further expand our electric fleet as the mileage range has increased and the need for site visits reduced with improvements in remote connections and functionality as such they are now a contender for a van replacement.

As a company and a family, living and working in the beautiful countryside of the Moray Firth, we are always looking for new ways big or small to help reduce our impact on the environment, from collecting crisp packets for recycling (when we were all working in the office pre-COVID19!) to investing in electric vehicles to increasing our use of video conferencing for meetings to avoid travel. Let’s make IT work for YOU and the environment!

Link to BBC Article:  Climate change: Can sending fewer emails really save the planet?

We had some fun with the team this week and posed the question above to them.  It has sparked some really interesting discussions about what would be important in the this situation, so lets see what everyone would take with them and why.  We discussed the feasibility of electricity on the island, and decided that we had found a bunker which had hydro-electric generator!


I would take my old tech LW/MW/AM radio and a soldering iron, why? Because unlike a mobile phone the battery would last longer than a day, it can receive signal in most countries of the world, it can’t be tracked like mobile phones or laptops so nobody could find me.  I’m an RAF trained electronics engineer and its old tech so I could re-purpose it to transmit an SOS signal giving my location when I chose to do so, but not before I’d enjoyed the isolation with some enjoyable music.  I think I could do with some time on my own before calling for help. 😊


I would take an iPod/music player as you are never alone when you have music or a satellite GPS tracker…



My piece of technology would be a fully loaded iPod (and headphones) with all types of music, so I could still hear other people’s voices, but still get to enjoy the peaceful surroundings.



If I was stuck on a desert island, I would choose to have a solar-powered virtual reality system. This means that when I get fed up of the sunshine, I can in effect go back to the wind and the rain of home etc. It would have infinite uses so would be an effective virtual escape from the ennui of being stuck on an island.

I would also have my brick phone for the first 8 days, as that’s how long the battery lasts.



I would take my laptop with me, because there is a 1% chance I might have signal on the 4g sim on it to binge watch Netflix while working on my tan until I get rescued. 😂



For me it would be simple – My mobile phone.

I’d make sure it is packed with useful offline apps to start with and it also has my whole music library to keep me entertained through the days and apps to keep me from getting too bored.



I’d take my GPS watch and mobile.  This way I could turn the heart rate monitor off (extend battery life) and walk/run for 30 mins each day with Live Track switched on in the hopes that my family could identify what island I was on to rescue me!  Bonus, I’d still get some running logged on Strava!


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