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Trainee Engineer – My time at MJD

Working at MJD over the summer has provided me with many important skills for my future. I originally had worked with MJD Systems when I was still in High School, as arranged work experience. Since leaving school I’ve been studying a master’s degree in Computing Science at Robert Gordon University and have just finished my second year. It was great to come back home over the summer and work with a company that aligns very closely to my interests and future!

Working as a Trainee Engineer, I was often hands on fixing computers and setting up other IT Equipment. This greatly helped me to expand my knowledge of the world of computers as I only really had experience with coding and software development.

I also worked on setting up a new chat system to allow clients to send our engineers messages about their issues and make tickets and oversaw the implementation of this new feature. It was very interesting to work on this project for MJD Systems and to see it take shape.

Having not worked full-time before, working with MJD taught me a good work ethic and allowed me to be productive with my free time over the summer. It was really useful having an IT company so nearby in Moray, and most days I would cycle over for work!

After working with MJD I feel a lot more confident in many different areas in computing, from hardware repairs to customer support. It also helped to teach me problem solving skills and prepared me for the world of work.

It was great to work alongside the team at MJD, and I am very grateful for the valuable work and experience they have provided me with in my time working with them. I’m excited for the future and for when I can work with MJD Systems again!


Written by Oliver Souter